Sunday, January 15, 2012

Pangkor trip

14th of December in year 2011, that day will be embedded into my mind forever.
It was a vacation, for form 5 students, organized personally by my friends. 30 people from different classes of SMK Kepong joined the fun, it was a pretty successful one since everyone was friendly enough to speak and joke around lol. It was my first visit in Pangkor Island, in fact, my first time ever being in an island for 3 days.

Well, for the sake of fun, I brought some champagnes and red wine, unfortunately all of the red wines were cheap and had been stored too long in my house. One still had 50% of its flavor mixed with an odd flavor. Well, we still had beers and champagnes anyway lol. I didn't want to waste the red wine they left so I drank almost half bottle of it, and it made me drunk. -_-

But beers, I didn't know I can actually drink that much of beer and still remain conscious. Four cans, one in a day and three in another. It was supposed to be only three cans, but I challenged my friend Zi Wen into a beer drinking match, in the end, we stopped and nobody won, because we had to pay RM6 for each can of beer lol.

Freedom man, FREEDOM. (will cont tmr)