Thursday, December 1, 2011

I am back

I am finally back to Blogspot.

This is like the 3rd time that I'm creating a blog in Blogspot already because I deleted my previous blogs.

A pretty sad thing to say, my previous blogs were deleted because of the continuous unlucky events that happened to me, break-ups.

I'm gonna do a simple labeling starting for now, bold and italic words are the really deep ones. (May contain emotional thoughts)

You must be asking, how is that related to giving up your blog then?
You know what, I wrote too much about my love life. And after breaking up, I couldn't let go a single thing at all. And every time I see my blog, it's like seeing back how I used to be with her.

In fact, love affects everything in you. Of course, not everyone will get the same effect as I did. I was too hurt that I wanted to restart everything. "Have you ever thought of someone you love would eventually leave you?", I was approached by this mere question in my mind almost every day after the break-up. The answer was no, but then it had to be yes.

My dream, was to get a simple hobby, a simple job and then a happy family. Everything changed right after the break-up. Every single time I heard her name I would feel the same heartache like when she requested a break-up.

And I overcame that hardship by reading memes in the internet, played computer games and listened to some songs at least 6 hours per day. Life was a total mess for me that time, I forsake myself from her friends, played truant, stalked her and didn't care about my study. I was too obsessed with her, way too much, and those were my darkest days in my life. I didn't want to care anything at all, I only wished to forget her.

She was the only person I could share secret with, the only person that I would report about my daily life to.

I took everything too seriously, I even thought of a way to propose to her in the future.
I shall stop revealing too much here, it's no good anyway.

The ending is pretty simple, I fucked up in my 17th year lol.

But I'm back for a reason, I hope to achieve my dream, becoming an author or even a philosopher if possible. I'm just gonna write my story or even my ideas for now. Until I improve my English grammar by reading books, I will then start writing stories. I'm only taking this as an hobby for now, not really a dream yet, as I am not too confident with my current situation. And when I become popular, I wanna tell everyone my story! This includes friends, love, family and trust.

And I still have my guitar in my room, I even bought an electric one. My dream for becoming a rock star hasn't fade away yet, but it seems impossible to become one lol, I guess I'll only play it as a hobby. Meh, who knows, I might even get to write songs lol.

It's 3 days before my account test, and it's the last subject for me. I'm a few days ahead of stepping into the social part of life. My friends, ahhh, some going to overseas for a better future, some stay for a easier life. Life really is fast, I'm sure I'll be able to attend a friend's wedding in no time.

Until we meet again, take care of yourself my friend.
Lucious Saw/Luke


  1. I gotta say. Nice article. :) best of luck!

  2. since when did you start calling yourself Luke?